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Up until now, turning your game skins into accessory items that you can actually use in every day life has been difficult if not impossible. Walden & Bork entered into the business of providing its unique service to hunting men and women around the world for a reason...we are hunters too.

We all have them...piles and bags of tanned gameskins...ostrich, elephant, cape buffalo, alligator, tsessebe, kudu, deer skin, moose, elk. Why not put them to good practical use? Walden & Bork Custom Leather Works will help you make useful, practical items out of your game skins. Use all of the trophy!

We too have piles of back skins and game hides cluttering our closets. We too have muttered the all too familiar old refrain: “We really should do something with that; maybe someday we’ll find somebody who would make a briefcase out of that Cape Buffalo hide.”

Several years ago, while sitting at the campfire in Africa, we decided to do something about it. It took more than five years to seek out and find skilled fine-needle craftsmen and women who can work with game skins and exotic hides and turn out dignified accessories that reflect the respect we both have for the animals we have hunted.

Our first step was to have samples made. Next, we wanted to test them, not only for utility but for quality. We are reasonably certain you will be more than happy with the products we have designed and currently offer.

custom leather works
Walden & Bork Custom Made Accessories From Your Game Hides

Walden & Bork is dedicated to giving you what you want. Our skilled fine-needle craftsmen will transform your game skins into tasteful, useful items that you will be proud to use every day.

Use All of the Trophy!

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